VAT Rate On Greek Yacht Charters

All yachts that are Licensed in Greece and are chartered with permanent crew are considered engaged in Maritime Transport .

According to the Greek Law on Maritime Transport 100% of the VAT Rate for the Transport of Passengers and their Luggage is 13% .

Further 60% Discount is granted in most cases for All touristic ships executing international voyages outside out territorial waters, but do not prove that they are approaching a foreign port, have a 60% deduction in VAT (category I).All touristic ships departing from a Greek port and execute long voyages (e.g Piraeus, Corfu, Northern Greece, Mitilini, Crete and Dodecanese) have a 50% VAT deduction (category II).

THUS THE VAT RATE FOR 2024 In Greece for All Yachts over 24 meters is 5.2%

There is only an exemption for several yachts who have voyage limitations and are considered that are cruising under "Near Coastal Navigation" or some Maltese Flag Yachts whose Compliance Certificate at article 5 mentions type of navigation SHORT .

The VAT For those yachts is 7.8%