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On February 1989 Mr Michalis Roditis formed RODITIS SHIPPING AGENCY a maritime and tourism agency based in Rhodes Greece with the determination to offer its services to the International Maritime Community.

The founder of the Agency has a background in the Maritime Sector , with relevant Studies in the USA and training in shipping through Courses and Conferences in the UK .

The establishment of a Ship Agency in Rhodes was the result of the encouragement of people involved in the International Shipping as well as the strong influence by people of LONDON & OVERSEAS FREIGHTERS LIMITED of the Late B.M Mavroleon and J.E.C. Kulukundis .

Roditis Shipping Agency commenced its activities on February 1989 introducing a different approach in the daily operations in the field of ship agency services and within the first two years the reputation grew and came to the knowledge of Local and International Ship Owners and Managers around the world , that a local agency offers reliable services with Global Approach in Rhodes beyond the standards .

Our agency since 1989 develops and adopts new practices in the Maritime Service Sector in order for the satisfaction of our principals to be to the highest level and this has been proven through the years as being the Husbanding Agents of major Shipping Companies and Organizations such as The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia , The US NAVY , UN , IOM , MSF , CHO YANG LINE , CONDOS & CO and others .

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