The Port Of Rhodes
Rodos Port

Welcome to a sort introduction of the Port Of Rhodes or Rodos .

The Port of Rhodes is divided into two main categories and areas mainly due to their usual operation and vessel accommodation .


The freight handler Union provides personnel and machinery that can facilitate the handling-transfer of general cargo. Moreover it has an outdoor storage area for the cargo’s deposit. Due to the operation of Customs Service, the handling and storage of imported/exported merchandise is permitted. Also, a special weighbridge is available for cargo weighing or weight control of any vehicle. For more information about the special regulations and the current tariffs of the port services please contact the relevant services of the Municipal Port Fund of South Dodecanese

This part of the port also accommodates Passenger Ferries connecting Rhodes with the Mainland (Piraeus etc) , Ro/Ro Passenger and Ro/Ro Vessels as well as Cargo Ships .


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This part of the Port Accommodates mainly Tourist & Cruise Ships as well as all passenger ferries which Connect Rhodes with International Non-Schengen Countries as Turkey .

Considering the fact that cruise industry is now the most dynamic and ascendant sector of the tourism industry in our country, the Municipal Port Fund of South Dodecanese makes constant efforts in order to upgrade the port infrastructures and the services provided, vital elements for the attraction and service of more cruise ships. Applying contemporary practices for its development and participating in expos for its promotion, we target towards the establishment of the Tourist Port of Rhodes as Home Port for Cruises.

According to the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) the docks of the Tourist Port and Akantia Port can safely accommodate up to 5 cruise ships and more than 10.000 passengers and crew members during a day.

The Tourist Port facilities provide Home Port hall, Duty-Free shop, waiting room with a kiosk shop for ticket control of passengers travelling to Turkey and Info desk with information about history, culture, sights and the market of Rhodes. Also there are specially organized and structured areas for the parking of buses of the prepaid excursions and for the safe access/boarding of visitors.

Our interventions for the convenience of visitors are extended along all the port’s land zone up to the city center. For more information about special regulations and the current tariffs of port services please contact the relevant services of the Municipal Port Fund of South Dodecanese.

Our Company has a Check-In Counter in the Tourist Port In order to assist all ferries or passenger cruise ships under our responsibility AS AGENTS .

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