This is the type of License / Permission to embark or Disembark Passengers from International Ports and it grants permit either to embark or disembark passengers in Greece . 

Requirements are the same as the Specified Charter Permission :

For the Permit to be granted as per requirements of Article 8 Paragraph 3 through the Application and Physically following credentials should be delivered to the Port Master :

  • Clear Copy of the ID or Passport of the Owner / Manager or the Physical Person who has been Authorized to apply for the License together with the relevant Authorization
  • In the event that the Applicant is a Legal Entity it will be requested to have an updated Decision of the Board Of Directors or Minutes of the Board of Directors or Power Of Attorney from which the Legal Representative will be mentioned . Those documents should legal Apostiled or to be Authorized by a Greek Consulate abroad .
  • The Yacht’s Registry and the Foreign Commercial Yacht Inspection Certificate or the Ship Safety Certificate which is issued according to SOLAS Convention which should be accompanied by a Certificate from the Yacht’s Classification Society which will clearly mention the number of available berths for Crew and Guests .
  • The Minimum Safe Maning Certificate
  • Presentation of the available signed by all parties Charter Agreement
  • CONFIRMATION that the Chartrerer’s Charter of the Yacht in Greece is the only commercial act that he is involved with .
  • Confirmation that the Yacht Owner / Manager / Assignee has no Legal / Tax Residency in Greece and has no TAX ID or any other legal business activities or is VAT Registered .
  • The Date & Place of Delivery of the yacht in Greece and the Date of Entry
  • The Date & Place of Re-Delivery of the yacht in Greece and the Date of Exit
  • The Date and Place of initial Embarkation of the Passengers in Greece or Outside of Greece as well as the Final Date of Disembarkation of the Passengers .
  • Full details of the Captain and other Authorized Person
  • The CHARTER Fee

For this License there is only TEPADAH Payment which is Calculated as per the attached formula .