Specified Period Charter Permission

Issued through the platform: e – CharterPermission , After Review of the Port Master's Office of the Embarkation Port in Greece .


PRELIMINARY & DRAFT REQUIREMENTS FOR THE  "Specified Period Charter Permission" which is (a) Approved by the Port Authority of the place of delivery of the yacht, when it is in the country or by the first nearest Port Authority, at the entrance of the ship to the Greek territory, when the place delivery is abroad, after checking the conditions of par. 3 by Independent Public Revenue Authority (A.A.D.E.) and the Port Authority, by reason of competence, and (b) is issued electronically, through the application "e - CharterPermission", according to the procedures are defined in the decision of case (a) of par. 7 of article 21,


To receive the Specified Period Charter Permission following are the preliminary requirements :


  • To apply for the License it is Compulsory to Have a valid Charter Agreement
  • The Charterer Needs To be Registered for VAT Filing to submit VAT returns for each tax period, which is defined per calendar year, with without prejudice to articles 47b and 47c of the VAT Code (Law 2859/2000, A ’248) and the corresponding provisions apply to other EU Member States ,
  • To Prepay 70% Of the Charter VAT on the presented Charter Agreement 
  • PAYMENT OF THE SPECIAL FEE of Commercial Yacht  in accordance with the Law of Another Country which calculated per individual total charter contract and for the total number of days which is performed within the Greek territory.
  • To be TECHNICALLY COMPLIANT  : SUBJECT TO BE A COMMERCIAL YACHT OVER 35 METERS OF NON-WOODEN CONSTRUCTION AND ,The YACHT must hold a FOREIGN COMMERCIAL YACHT INSPECTION CERTIFICATE issued by a Recognized Organization or Alternatively, the possibility of performing international voyages is presumed by the PASSENGER SHIP SAFETY issued in accordance with the International Convention for the Safety of Human Life at Sea, 1974 "(SOLAS), which was ratified by The Hellenic Republic Law 1045/1980 (AD95), which is accompanied by a certificate confirming the number of available passenger and crew berths issued by a recognized Organization, in accordance with Regulation (EC) 391/2009,
  • DURATION : 21 DAYS + 7 MAXIMUM Non Consecutive

Download Here the Draft / Preliminary Details / Terms & Conditions 


The Complete Greek Law (Greek Language)

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