ePermit for Commercial Yachts Entering Greece

This Permit should be prepared prior to the arrival of a commercial yacht in Greece and it is compulsory for the following cases : 

Case 1 

Transiting within Greek Waters with passengers with initial port of embarkation and final port of disembarkation being outside of Greece . Passengers are not allowed to embark or disembark within Greece . Under this permit TEPADACH PLUS Tax should be paid 

Case 2 

Yachts in Private Use Use by the Owner / UBO They still need the ePermit but Non Tax to be paid 

Case 3 

Yachts without passengers who have a Marina or Shipyard Contract in Greece . (One Way Movements) They still need the ePermit but Non Tax to be paid 

Compulsory Yachts in this New ePermit Requirement and Tax to be paid are : 


All Not Licensed Yachts (Yacht who are not registered in Greece as Commercial Yachts at the e-Registry) up to 35 meters of any flag and type of material as well as all yachts over 35 meters who are not registered in Greece and they do not wish to apply for the 21+7 SPECIFIED PERIOD CHARTER PERMISSION . 


All yachts till 35 meters of Non-EU Flag and all yachts till 35 meters of EU Flag who have no Greek Charter License 


Wooden yachts all sizes 


The tax is calculated on the basis of a standard fee of € 500 plus a formula which calculates the sum of a standard fee depending on the size of the yacht plus a fee depending on the Gross Tonnage (multiplied) by the days that the yacht wishes to cruise in Greek Waters . 


Captains are responsible from the start of the period of the charter contract for the submission/the modification of the passengers status and crew member status, and they are obligated to keep these lists updated. 

They can login the application by pressing the “Login” button located on the homepage of the application. 

Then they choose the “Log in as Captain/Governor” option, and finally, they submit their email address.