Commercial Yacht Registration Services

Bellow is a brief description of our Commercial Yacht Registration Services categorised according to the size and type of the yacht .

YACHTS UP TO 24 METERS (Motor or Sail Yacht)

Commercial Yacht Registration for Yachts under 24 meters is easy through the POLISH FLAG ADMINISTRATION and GREEK FLAG as they both fall under the Bareboat Act consequently the requirements are minimal and No Crew is Compulsory .

We offer one stop service which includes :

  • Yacht Registration 
  • Statutory Certification 
  • Charter Licensing in Greece if required 
  • VAT Exemption File 

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YACHTS OVER 24 METERS (Motor or Sail Yacht) EU FLAG

Registration of Yachts over 24 Meters is a difficult procedure in EUROPE as those size yachts fall under International Conventions and EU States do not issue relevant exemptions either statutory or operational .

The most flexible flag for such yachts will be MALTA subject to pre inspection approval by official Marine Surveyor certified by Transport Malta .

YACHTS OVER 35 METERS (Of Non-Wooden Construction)

For yachts over 35 meters our agency offers unique packages as those yachts could be trade under Licensing in many EU Countries especially in the Mediterranean Sea . 

Advantages :

  • Fast Process with Minimal Requirements 
  • Surveys based on a flexible Safety Yacht Code 
  • NO VAT 
  • NO Nationality Restriction of the ownership 
  • NO Crew Nationality Restriction
  • Low Cost Service 
  • Statutory Certificates are issued very fast 
  • Licensing available in Greece